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Four Reasons to Shop Small and Buy From STG this Holiday

We get it. There are tons of options for corporate gifting right at your fingertips. So why choose Smiling Tree Gifts? What makes us stand out? 

Well let me tell you - here's four reasons why, frankly we're better than everyone else, and you should buy from Smiling Tree Gifts.

#1 Talk to a real person:

We all know those sites who boast about their "wonderful customer service", but the second you actually need to get ahold of someone it takes 45 minutes to find the right phone number only to get elevator music and an automated message. 

At STG, that's not the case. We actually reply to our emails within one business day (often times less) and when you call, you'll be getting a real person on the other end at the very first pick-up. 

We pride ourselves on our speedy customer service and with the customized nature of our products (and unmatched level of communication) we can reassure our customers their products will be just right.

#2 We make cool stuff:

We're a lot of things and unique is one of them. When it comes to corporate gifting we have options and styles you can't get anywhere else. From coaster puzzles to block and tray sets, we have you covered in all the personalized, custom and hard-to-beat ways. Plus, from start to finish everything about your order is made and processed in the USA - can we get any cooler?!?

#3 We care about the environment:

Unlike most big box stores, we care about our environmental impact and do our best to minimize waste and decrease our carbon footprint. We use sustainably grown materials, have eliminated plastic from our packaging and plant trees for every product sold. 

Can the retailer-who-cannot-be-named say the same? I'm guessing no. 

#4 We offer drop shipping:

An unique option we offer (that most places don't) is drop shipping. In short, this means maximum convenience for you because we will ship your items to multiple locations/individuals depending on your need. This eliminates the need to sort and deliver your bulk order once it arrives – making for a seamless delivery and giving you more time to get back to business. Plus, in this day and age of remote workers, this option also creates an easy way to make your work-from-home employees feel connected and included.

Beat that Amazon. 

Are you convinced? If I've done my job correctly, you should be. We really try to stay ahead of the curve and set the precedent, not follow it. We believe in building a brand that customers want to buy from time and time again. 

A few gifting suggestions:

anniversary blocks and tray

Anniversary blocks and trays are a grand way to display how many years an employee has been with your company.

core value blocks

Core value blocks proudly display what matter most to your company and make a statement that your employees will be proud to display. 

custom wood ornaments

Ornaments are also a fan favorite this time of year and they can be customized to your logo and shape. 

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions - we promise you'll be getting a real person on the other end.