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Did you know the idea for Smiling Tree Gifts was actually born from a client who, year after year, would order custom ornaments for her church's holiday gathering?

Over time, we decided to expand upon the idea of an all wooden corporate gift line that targets corporations, businesses, and, of course, churches and other religious organizations. 

  • 4 min read
With the ever evolving work landscape, the lines between our personal and professional lives have blurred more than ever before. And as we continue to adapt to the new normal of remote work, it becomes increasingly important to show appreciation for those employees who continue to work diligently, even from the comfort of their homes.
  • 3 min read

Although we believe you should appreciate your employees everyday, National Employee Appreciation Day is officially March 3. 

So, whether you have a big team or small, remote employees or in-person, we challenge you to give them a little more than a thumbs up this year and really show them how much their contributions mean.

  • 2 min read

"Two months to flatten the curve..." 

Remember this phrase? 

And now, nearly two years later, much of our work lives still remain changed, adapted and, well, remote. But that doesn't mean that employees far and wide don't deserve just as much appreciate and, honestly, one could argue they deserve MORE!

  • 1 min read
Smiling Tree Gifts is known around town as the "corporate block people" – and I say we've earned that title! We pride ourselves in our wide range of custom, corporate blocks that can *literally* cater to any event, award, anniversary or occasion. 
  • 2 min read

We get it. There are tons of options for corporate gifting right at your fingertips. So why pick us? What makes us stand out? 

Well let me tell you - here's four reasons why, frankly we're better than everyone else, and you should buy from Smiling Tree Gifts.

  • 2 min read

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it's never too early to start planning the gifts you are going to give your employees. 

And we all know how difficult the last year has been for so many people, so why not make this year's gift stand out a little extra.

  • 2 min read
Tis' the season for the over abundance of plastic, non-biodegradable and useless corporate holiday gifts. Let's change that with sustainable corporate Christmas gifts for your most valued employees and clients.
  • 2 min read
It's 2021 and if there's ever been a time to prioritize sustainability, minimal waste and products that help - not harm - the environment, it's now.  
  • 2 min read
A welcome home gift is not only a personal, much appreciated bonus for your clients. It's also a token of your gratitude that they chose you to trust as their realtor or mortgage lender as they begin an exciting new chapter in their lives.
  • 2 min read
Why should businesses make sustainability a priority? Aside from the obvious positive impact sustainable business practices have on the environment, customers demand it. To be blunt, not adopting sustainability initiatives will drive away your customer base and, ultimately, negatively impact your bottom line.
  • 2 min read
You need an employee anniversary gift they'll actually like. Something that's high quality and makes a statement. A cumulative gift to build on from year-to-year. Your search ends here.
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