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4 Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day All Year Long

Although we believe you should appreciate your employees everyday, National Employee Appreciation Day is officially March 3. 

So, whether you have a big team or small, remote employees or in-person, we challenge you to give them a little more than a thumbs up this year and really show them how much their contributions mean.

Here are 4 ways to show your employees appreciation:

Feed Them:

Surprise, surprise, everyone loves a special treat! Donuts, pizza, or subs on the company dime can not only bring everyone together for a meal, but it also aims to please a large group. I mean who doesn't want to not have to pack a sack lunch for a day?! Make this a regular thing to thank and uplight employees all year long.

Recognize Their Birthdays:

This is another initiative implement throughout year, not just on one day. However, a simple "Happy Birthday" note, gift, or even a post on company social media accounts can go a long way. This shows your employees that while you care about their corporate lives, you also acknowledge their personal milestones too. In the day and age of social media, a quick birthday message or "fun fact" post will put your employees in the spotlight for a day and leave them showered in well-wishes and positive thoughts for the next year of life.

Recognize Their Workplace Anniversaries: 

In the same vein as acknowledging their birthdays, also acknowledging your employee's workplace anniversaries is a way to show your appreciation throughout the year. A social media shout out works for this as well, but if you want to kick it up a notch, you can throw in an anniversary block and/or trayThis starts a fun tradition and allows your employees to showcase their years of service in a sleek, classic way. 

Host an Event:

Big or small, coordinating an event for everyone to participate in is a great way for people to get to know each other better, take some time away from their desks and have a little fun. You can make this as extravagant or as lowkey as you want, but we suggest having some team building activities, prizes and your "boss-mode" switch turned off. Just have fun! 


We really want to emphasize how far even the smallest of recognition can go among your employees. Its benefits can be seen through improved morale, boosted productivity, increased trust, improved brand recognition, and decreased turnover.


While nothing will show your employees how much you value them more than treating them with fairness and respect every day of the year, there are plenty of strategies to implement when you want to show a little extra. So don't overlook this National Employee Recognition Day. Instead do something a little extra special. You'll be reaping the reward for years to come!