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Kick-Butt Gifts that Align with your Brand's Sustainability Goals

It's 2021. And if there's ever been a time to prioritize sustainability, minimize waste and use products that help - not harm - the environment, it's now. 

By now ~most~ brands have defined their sustainability goals, but now it's time to take action and actually make those goals a reality. One way to do that is choosing employee gifts that align with your brands' environmental goals, without compromising uniqueness, quality and durability. 

That's where we come in.

At Smiling Tree Gifts we're all about delivering high-quality products while greening the earth.

The purpose behind our products is threefold: (1) offer brands sustainable, high quality gifts for their clients, employees, and business VIPs, (2) green the earth for all those to come, and (3) provide income generation opportunities for families around the world who need it most.

For each order placed, we plant a tree in a forest garden in sub-Saharan Africa for a low-income family through a partnership with Trees for the FutureThese gardens provide income generation for families, improve the soil, and green the earth.

Now, you might be thinking "that's great and all, but what can my company and I do".Well, it's simple really. Here's a break down of a few of our products that, planting trees aside, will align with your brand's sustainability goals. 

Think of it as your Sustainable Corporate Gift Guide:

Anniversary Desktop Blocks with Tray

Our signature item, our anniversary block + tray combo not only provides a beautiful way to thank your employees for another year of service, but it also will align with your green goals.

Both our blocks and trays are made from sustainably grown hardwoods here in the USA and are finished with an organic oil. 

anniversary blocks and trays

 Wooden Keychain

A branded keychain can serve many functions, but one of them should not be being made of cheap plastic that ends up in a landfill. Instead check out our solid hardwood wooden keychains. We offer three wood types - maple, cherry and walnut, all of which are sustainably grown. We also use stainless steel hardware that won't tarnish or rust, plus we have the optional add-on of an American-made leather strap with antique bronze ring. 

wooden keychain

 Core Values Blocks

Our core value blocks are the perfect way to display your company's why and will inspire your team to be their best. Our blocks are made from sustainably grown maple hardwood with an organic oil finish, and like all our products, we plant a tree for every item sold. 

core value blocks and trays

 You don't have to give up your company's sustainability goals just to find employee gifts. We specialize in this exact thing and are here to make your visions come to life!

Reach out today or check out our full list of products here