by Kathleen Smith

So you’ve been tasked with the impossible - choosing this year’s corporate gifts. And whether they’re going to your coworkers or your clients, it’s still an important (and dare we say stressful) job. 

The thick and thin of it is this: you have to choose a gift that will make a statement (but not be over the top), be personal (but not too personal), stand the test of time (but not be cheesy) and actually be something they can use (over and over again). How ya feeling now?

All jokes aside, Smiling Tree Gifts have come to your rescue and created a simple, yet effective guide for the perfect corporate gift giving. 

Make a Statement

This one is less about the actual gift and more about the ~feeling~ it provokes. Odds are, you are probably giving this person a gift because they’ve done a good job, had a great year, worked hard, made an impact, etc. and they deserve to know it. Finding a gift that really speaks to why someone is getting a gift in the first place is important. Our statement block (see, it’s even in the name) is one example of how you can do this. You can add your company’s values, accomplishments, personal highlights from the past year, or anything you want to—you guessed it—make a statement.

Statement Blocks Smiling Tree Gifts

Be Personal

You kind of have to walk a fine line with this one. You want the gift to be personalized but not over-reaching. A rule of thumb - if you had to go digging through someone’s Facebook to find something, you’ve already gone too far. But something like luggage tags or anniversary puzzles that highlight how long someone has been with a company are great! Our recognition blocks are also a perfect fit for this category. They can be customized to fit your brand’s appreciation of their team members and clients in a way that can’t be beat.

Personalized Wooden Luggage Tags employee gift Smiling Tree Gifts

Stand the Test of Time

Gifts that are able to be expanded upon are 10/10, excellent options. For example, the desktop blocks are the perfect way to show your gratitude for loyalty and workplace excellence. Each year, your employees receive an additional block commemorating another work anniversary. Plus, it’s a beautiful desk decoration that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Branded Desktop Blocks employee anniversary gift Smiling Tree Gifts


This one is arguably the easiest qualification to fulfill. Just think about what you would like to get as a gift. If you know your co-worker or client is a wine or beer connoisseur, our personalized bottle openers and wine stoppers are not only practical but they are a sure-fire crowd pleaser. Our clipboards are another great option for the busy, on-the-go client with #goals! If you’re shopping for a foodie, a cutting board can also be a useful and thoughtful option that will have them remembering you every time they’re in the kitchen.  

Custom wooden cutting board company logo client gift Smiling Tree Gifts

So, to wrap this all up, choosing the perfect corporate gift can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. With a little bit of thought and creativity (and our help - duh!), you can be the ultimate gift giver!

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Kathleen Smith
Kathleen Smith


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