by Kathleen Smith

It's a common misconception that high-quality, sustainable corporate gifts are unaffordable and therefore out of budget for many businesses.

When Justin and I set out to create Smiling Tree, we knew our business needed to not only be good for the earth, but also accessible for all. Our line of Smiling Tree Gifts makes it possible to show your client and employees your appreciation for them without breaking the bank, while also showing your organization's commitment to sustainability.

Who knew it was possible for a corporate gift to convey so much?!

Sustainable and Affordable Corporate Gifts

We developed the Smiling Tree Gifts product line mindfully, with a conscious effort to provide corporate gift ideas at every price point to fit your organization's budget and needs. All of the products highlighted below are thoughtful, treasured gifts to make sure your employees feel like the valued and appreciated team members they are.

Keep in mind pricing depends on quantity; the price indicated below is the maximum cost per piece based on the minimum quantity requirements.

Corporate Gifts Less than $10/Person


Wooden Keychain custom engraved corporate gift
Custom engraved wooden keychains
are useful and diverse gift idea that will appeal to the masses. Keychains are available in three wood types (maple, cherry, and walnut) and can be laser cut into any shape you wish. Add an engraved logo or other messaging, and you've got the perfect trinket to top off your gift baskets! (Gift packaging shown here not included.)


Holiday ornaments are offered in two shapes (round and custom), and available in either cherry or maple wood. Custom engraved Christmas ornaments are a great way to start an annual tradition for your clients and employees!

Small Photo Holder Block

Employees love including photos of loved ones in their workspace, why not giving them a thoughtful gift to display their favorite photo? As with all our products, our Photo Holder Blocks are handmade from sustainable woods in maple, cherry, or walnut. Add your logo or simple message and you have a gift they'll love!

Corporate Gifts Less than $15/Person

Wine Bottle Stoppers

Branded wine bottle stoppers are a go-to favorite! Available in circular or rectangular shape in your choice of wood, they are the perfect item to add your logo to when the situation calls for celebration. 

Inset Bottle Opener

Upgrade their plain old bottle opener with a beautifully crafted, custom engraved wooden Inset Bottle Opener! Not only does this show off your brand in a memorable way, it also shows your commitment and love for the earth, too!

Luggage Tags

Luggage Tag personalized wooden corporate gift
Whether you have a traveling sales team, or a workforce who loves to see the world, custom engraved Luggage Tags aim to please! Personalized with engraving of your choice helps ensure your employees keep tabs on their possessions, no matter how many security checkpoints their travels take them!

Personality Blocks

Companies in-the-know realize how valuable it is to understand their team's varying personalities, and what better way to display employees strengths than with a custom Personality Block? These blocks are available in two different styles and can accommodate whichever testing your company utilizes (shown in Kolbe and Clifton Strengths here). Show your employees how much you appreciate their unique talents with this completely personalized gift!

Corporate Gifts Over $15/person

Coaster Puzzle

Wooden Coaster Puzzle
This is a truly unique corporate gift you won't find anywhere else! Both a coaster and a puzzle made from sustainable woods of different types (maple, cherry, walnut), custom Coaster Puzzles showcase your brand like no other!

Small Cutting Board

When you want to stay top-of-mind throughout the year, a custom-engraved Small Wooden Cutting Board is the way to go. Your employees, clients, volunteers, and other stakeholders will be reminded of your generosity every time they use it!


You know better than anyone just how long your employees' to-do lists are. Why not give them something to check off those boxes in style? A Smiling Tree Gifts wooden Clipboard does just that! You can even add a raised walnut graphic to make it even more eye-catching!

Credit Card Bottle Opener

Last but certainly not least are our Credit Card Bottle Openers. These have all the same benefits as the Inset Bottle Openers, but with an added bonus — it fits right in your wallet! Your employees and clients can take this useful gift wherever they go.

Your Complete Resource for Sustainable Corporate Gifts

Say goodbye to the days of gifting thoughtless trinkets that are sure to end up in a landfill. Say hello to high-quality, sustainable corporate gifts that are affordable, too! You gift your employees something they really want, and we in turn gift the earth by planting trees with every purchase.

Ready to get started?

Download the full Smiling Tree Gifts Catalog + Price List or request a quick quote right now.

Kathleen Smith
Kathleen Smith


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